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Impression Management

Impression Management I would use impression management when applying or interviewing for a new job. I would want to appear to the person that was interviewing me that I was likable, competent, and able to do the job I was being interviewed for. I would dress in nice cloths, have my hair fixed neatly and my beard trimmed neatly. I would speak in a proper manner instead of yep, nope or other none proper words. I would speak politely (Kenrick, 2009, p. 112). I have tattoos so I would keep them covered; I also have an earring so I would remove it. When I am around my friends I am less like to use impression management because they know me and how I usually act and look. When I am with my friends I dress more in jeans, sleeveless shirts and let my tattoos show. They see the crazier side of me I would not want an employer to see. When I am around people that I do not care what they think of me. (Kenrick, 2009, p. 112). The typical differences between these two situations are that in the first situation I want to be seen a knowledgeable, likeable, and competent person who knows what needs to be done for a job. In the second situation I really do not care what or how people see me as. When my now wife Kym and I first met I use talk about how I have changed my life around by stopping my drinking and going back to Church. I told her how I got myself in AA and started working through the steps of AA to turn my life around without the use of a drink or drug. I talked to her about the bible, which at the time I knew very little about and she knew a lot about. When we went out with friends it was mostly with friends I rode motorcycles with that were in a drug and alcohol free motorcycle group. She was impressed with the fact that I rode with such a group of people. After dating awhile she seen that I was a totally different person than I told her I was while growing up using the drugs and alcohol and enjoyed the lifestyle I was living now so we got married and have been 10 years now. I have been married to Kym longer than I was to any of other wives I was married to in the past. The outcome was we finally got married to our soul mates and live very happily. The reason it worked was because she used to be married to an alcoholic and she seen how I have changed. I attempted to use impression management and it failed when I was trying to get a supervisors job at the chicken plant I worked for. I was already an hourly paid supervisor but wanted to be put on salary. I went in for the interview dressed nicely, I spoke politely and told them just what jobs and in what departments I had knowledge in. At that time I had long that was about half way down my back. We had to wear hair nets at work so I usually had in braded or in a ponytail. When I went in for my interview I had my hair in a ponytail and very neatly brushed. After I told them all the jobs I knew how to do, the person interviewing me told me they liked that I knew what I did about different