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Hello, I'd like to hope Everyone is hear today because my wife, Pamela

Anderson, affected. your life in some way. I would not be the man I am today

without her in my life. Believe it or not, pam and I are high school sweethearts.

Pam and I started dating in the beginning of junior year and we have been

deeply in love since. I remember freshman year I was so scared to ask pamala, the most popular girl In school to dance at the mixer. I did and we danced. My

friends all gave me high fives but nothing escalated with Pam then. Anyway To

the point, Pamela has always been there for other people and I can honestly

say that the fame has not changed her at all. She was still the same sweet

southern girl I fell in love with till the day she passed away. Pamala was very

talented in anything she did. Pamala was most well known for her acting but everyone

knows that. I don't think Pamala wanted to be remembered. as an

actress more than she wanted to be remembered as a true and kind person.

And of course her children, Caroline and William, her pride and joy. To pamala,

family was everything. Family was always first with her and she made a poin

of it. Pamala was always full of life and never let her sickness bring her down.

I can guarantee that I or any of you for that matter, will never meet another

woman like our Pammy. I don't know where my children and I go from here

without her in our life. Hollywood is missing a star. Pamala was a very

independent woman. When she had to depend on other people when she became

sick was not ideal. She was the strongest woman that I know. Pamala and I

share many great memories that I will never forget. Pamalas idea of luxury

was spending quality time with myself and the kids. Through her Whole life, my

wife put people first and donated so much of her success to help others or the