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Chapter 7

In the video How To Improve Your Memory I learned about 9 different strategies to increase your memory. The first one is to do crosswords puzzles or play Sudoku to stimulate the mind helping the brain to grow neural pathways improving your mental ability. Another strategy is to drink purple juice. Research has found that drinking 8 ounces of grape juice a day improves your memory. Rosemary also helps on word recall test by stimulating the brain.

Exercises such as jogging, dancing or any physical activities that raise your heart rate is beneficial to improve your memory by sending oxygen to the brain and building new cells in the brain region linked to the memory. Also taking a nap during the day will help you retain more information in your memory. Relieving stress by doing yoga or meditation is another strategy you can use to improve your memory. Socialization is another way to increase your memorization. Eating blueberries will release a chemical in your system that helps strengthen your memory. Moving your eyes 30 seconds from side to side every morning will help you increase you memory. *Which ones will be your top priority?
Exercising and taking naps are the two top strategies for me.

*Which grape juice is better and why?
Organic grape juice is better because they have 40% more antioxidants.

*Which pictures did you remember?
I remember a butterfly, clock, apple, airplane, lock, computer, plant, pencil, world, light bulb, hammer, and house.

*How many?
12 items.

Division of the brain

The brain can be separated into phylogenetic (through evolution) and embryological (through development) divisions. Basically the brain is separated into major divisions and sub divisions. All the divisions and subdivision have different structures and particular features that can be identified easily. The brain has 3 major divisions and 5 subdivisions.

The first major division is the Prosencephalon or Forebrain that contains 2 subdivisions called Telencephalon (Neocortex; Basal Ganglia; Amigdala; Hipocampus; Lateral Ventricles) and Diencephalon (Thalamus; Hyphotalamus; Epithalamus; Third Ventricle). The second major division is the Mesencephalon or Midbrain that has a subdivision called Mesencephalon (Tectum; Tegmentum; Cerebral Aqueduct). The third and last major division is Rhombencephalon or Hindbrain that has two subdivisions called Metencephalon (Cerebellum; Pons; Fourth Ventricles) and Myelencephalon (Medulla Oblongata; Fourth Ventricle).

The ABC Method of Self-Management
Use the following template for practicing this method to help you manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, so that you can create the results you want.

A = Actual event: State the actual situation, goal, or objective.
I just ran into a friend from my childhood and she called me by my name. I knew who she was but I couldn’t remember her name.

B = Beliefs: Describe your thoughts and beliefs about the situation.
I felt bad because I knew who she was and I used to be friends with her, but I don’t know why I couldn’t remember her name.

C = Challenge: Indicate the consequences of your feelings and behaviors. Challenge any negative thoughts by countering with accurate and positive statements. Become focused and energized by using visualization and affirmations and looking for creative alternatives, resources, and positive actions that you can take.

I hope she didn’t notice that I couldn’t remember her name. I feel like a bad friend.

This makes me realize that I need to become more focused on those little things. I don’t want to feel this way again. I will try to attach an image to people to remember their names.

I am confident that by attaching images to people in my mind will help me remember their names. This will not happen again.

I just ran into a friend from my childhood and she called me by my name. I knew who she was but I couldn’t remember her name. I