Improving Food Security in Timor-Leste Essay

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The write up is about improving the food situation in Timor-Leste region in East Timor. Only 40% land is suitable for food production. The land is mostly macro and micro nutrient deficient. Maize and Rice are the staple crops. Meat is consumed only during festivals. The other food of consumption is potatoes, cassava and wide variety of beans.
The commercial crop is coffee, chimera, vanilla, coconut etc. Inspite of all this background about this region, there is some amount of hunger present in this part of the world. The Government moves in with imported rice and maize to counter the hunger situation. The 2009 statistic shows that peanuts, Cassava and Sweet potatoe is just enough while Maize is surplus but Rice is in big shortage.
The present strategy for solving food shortages is by farmers cooperating with one another to support and help. They also rely on borrowing of food, barter system or gifting of surplus to the ones in need. The government has also moved in to support the farmers with a strategy for increasing productivity with: * Agricultural research with seeds of life programme. Streamlined seed production and distribution process. This has been supplemented with opening of agriculture schools and appointed skilled officers to oversee the development. * Policy and regulation development: regulations have been passed for import and use of fertilizers and pesticides. Policies have been made to also assist industries supporting agriculture. * Land preparation and weed control * Soil fertility and pesticides: The research has streamlined the proper use of fertilizers and pesticides. Now, most of the farming is done through organic means and this has improved food production. Also, legumes are grown with cereals and such combinations are showing positive results. * Storage: An NGO CARE programme has begun. Another programme started is “DRUMS ON FARMS”. Such measures are reducing food wastage. * Water security: irrigation system has been put in place. The area under crops has been put under irrigation scheme and this has yielded double production. * Roads, markets, reliable power, farm finance and communications have been improved to give support to the farmers so that barriers in the way of improving productivity is rempved. * Improved cultivars and agronomy for food security: higher yield variety seed of maize called Arjuna has been adopted.
All the above had positive economic and social impact
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Article 2: Household food insecurity in Timor-Leste
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The article focuses on Timor-Leste region in Timor, the youngest country in the world. there have been heavy food shortages in the past and the author has reflected on this and also gives his research on the government steps to improve the situation.

Executive Summary:
Timor is a poor country. It suffers from food shortage and hunger problem especially before the harvest. Farmers in Timor undertake crop diversification to prevent shortage.