Essay about Improving Organization Retention

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Improving Organizational Retention

September 13, 2010

Improving Organization Retention

Employee retention is the solution for improving organizational performance (Dey, 2009). An organization who wants to ensure they keep their employees from leaving their business to work for a rivalry organization is to maximize job satisfaction. To maximize job satisfaction the organization will need to make changes to their training process to ensure that each employee fully understands his or her position in the company. The company should also speak with the employees on how they feel about their job (Spector, 2008). An organization that can create a friendly atmosphere for the employees will have a better chance of keeping them.
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Some examples of counterproductive behavior may include: showing favoritism, displaying negativity, or not getting along with other employees. These examples are thought of as immature and may remind one of high school, but even as adults these behaviors still apply and stand out in the workplace. When counterproductive behavior is noticed within an organization, then the individual who notices the behavior should take the necessary steps in putting a stop to the behavior.

Productive behaviors are those behaviors performed by an employee who enhances an organization; these enhancements are such as employees performing their jobs at a reasonable level of adeptness (Spector, 2008). People are only capable of performing well in their job status if they obtain the appropriate ability to do their job and possess the motivation needed to perform said job (Spector, 2008).

Steps that the HR director, Tom Sneed should have taken besides recognizing the problem, he should not have turned his back for fear of talking to the owner about his step-son. Step 2, the behavior should be documented and examples of the behavior should be noted so that the individual has examples to go on when discussing the issue with the owner. Step 3, explain how the employees behavior toward the other employees and how it has affected each individual. Step 4, the individual may recommend counseling for the employee who is expressing the counterproductive