improving our education Essay

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Improve our education Gilbert High School is a wonderful high school. Even though it is excellent in many aspects, such as education and sports, there is still room for improvement. Some ideas for improvement are improving the learning environment for students, changing the teachers’ style of teaching, and providing more money for scholarships. By allowing these changes to occur, the students’ education will greatly help prepare them for their futures. By allowing these changes to occur, the students’ education will greatly help prepare students for their futures. To start off, improving the learning environment for students would be beneficial for focusing in class, because certain things that distract students from an enjoyable learning experience would prevent them from exceeding their expectations of education. For example, there should be smaller classrooms with less students. This gives the students a better ability to listen in class. Also, smaller classrooms means sitting closer to the board. Instead of filling 30 students into one classroom, making it smaller with less students means less distractions and more time getting help from the teacher, thus better grades. Besides improving the classroom, teachers’ should change their style of teaching by providing tutoring for every school subject, which is necessary. Every teacher who instructs a core class should take the time out of their day to provide tutoring opportunities. Tutoring should be available to struggling students upon request, or if they are obviously failing the class. When you have tutoring available, students will think about their grades seriously and want to attend tutoring, to help them understand the material better. When they finally understand it, they will score great on exams and class work. Finally, there should be more scholarships available. Asking the state board for extra money solely for students wanting to…