Improving Own Performance In A Business Environment

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Unit 2: Improve Own Performance in a Business Environment
LO1 Understand how to improve own performance
Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance at work
The purpose and benefit of continuously improving your own performance in your work environment is so that you can achieve personal goals, and set higher standards for yourself. Also by continuously improving your performance, you increase your own motivation and self-esteem and could lead to benefits within the organisation such as a promotion or bonus and positive feedback and recognition from colleagues.
Also continuously improving your performance at work can benefit the company as you are helping to improve as an organisation as well as your own work.
Explain the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others
The purpose of encouraging and accepting feedback is to help you improve in your work and help to improve your performance. Letting others give you feedback about mistakes you have made will make you less likely to make the same mistake again, also encouraging feedback may give you solutions to the difficulties you are having within your work, as the colleagues you may ask may have also had these difficulties in the past ad may be able to lead you into the correct direction. Also by receiving feedback, colleagues may point out what you are doing well at and show you that they feel you are doing a good job. Also they may look at your work and find that you have come up with a good idea and ask you if they could pass the idea on to help improve other colleagues work.
Encouraging feedback from others can also help with relationships within the work place, as you are willing to share what you are competing and therefore colleagues will recognize that you are willing to help or ask for help.
Explain how learning and development can improve own work, benefit organisations, and identify career options
Learning and development can improve own work as you are trying to gather new skills so that your work is to a higher standard and also so that you can complete more tasks.
Learning and development can benefit the organisation as they are improving what the staff can manage and therefore making the organisations standard raise as the staff is able to complete more challenges and tasks.
Learning and development can help to identify career options as you can see what gaps