Imra Ul-Qais Bin Hujr Al Kindi Research Paper

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Imra’ ul-Qais bin Hujr al-Kindi (Arabic: إمرؤ القيس ابن حجر الكندي / ALA-LC: Imrū’ al-Qays ibn Ḥujr al-Kindī) was an Arabian poet who lived in the 6th century AD. He was the son of Hujr bin al-Harith (حجر ابن الحارث / Ḥujr ibn al-Ḥārith) one of the last Kindite kings. the Kindah monarchy's regent over the tribes of Asad and Ghatfan, and it is believed that Imru' al-Qais was born in the territory of Asad. His mother was said to be Fatimah bint Rabi'ah al-Taghlibi (فاطمة بنت ربيعة التغلبي / Fāṭimah bint Rabī‘ah al-Taghlibī). He began composing poetry from an early age, As he grew older he became addicted for drunken parties. His immorality combined with his love for poetry led his father to disrespect him.. Hujr told him that he acted unsuitably for a …show more content…
Poetry was for the tribe's sha'ir- and not for the son of a king. The king initialy put his son in charge of a herd of camels, but this quickly ended in failure. To make matters bad, Imru al-Qays then went on to declare in public that he wanted to marry his cousin Uzayzah, and began having affairs with her in secret. This brought enormous dishonour upon the royal family of Kindah, and the king became angry. When the young prince composed vulgar verses about his father's wives, Hujr finally rejected him and exiled him from the