In Cold Blood Persuasive Speech

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Looking into the eyes of an empty mother and child, all you see is loss and pain. You can feel the agony and suffering throughout the air, making you feel as horrible as them. Surrounded by thousands of people, and you could still feel all the heartbreak in the room making you feel dizzy and gloomy inside. Some haven’t experienced this pain, but know there’s many people out there who have, and some are still dealing with the grief to this day. They also don’t know who the child and mother are, but don't have to know them to know this story has happened somewhere around the world. The saddest part is that their lost one was a husband and father. What if this death was caused by an officer, the ones who are supposed to protect the people. The officer just killed that young man for no reason? Just because his skin color. Sounds stupid, but it’s a real problem going on. Everyone says all lives matter, but do they really? All lives don't …show more content…
Everyone needs to come together not go against each other. The world could be changing for the worse or better, but with Trump being president we need to step up. We need to stand together and make a change for the better, no more violence. If officers continue on with their behavior we won’t have anyone to depend on but each other. Killing innocent people is a serious, heartbreaking situation. It needs to come to a stop, we need to make it so that all lives matter. I understand that some people think that they deserved the punishment that they received. How they shouldn’t of ran, shouldn’t of talked back and been disrespectful, should’ve just simply listened. I understand but I don't agree, the officer is in the wrong. Why shoot a man over something stupid? No way that they deserved to be killed or abused for something as little as talking back. They run because they’re scared of getting shot, these fears are caused by officers stupid