Creative Writing: The Last Day Of School

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In every person’s day there comes a time when it needs to be spiced up by some unordinary event just because it was getting too boring. Well it goes the same way for the lunch I had today with my class because what my mom decided to bring in was so dull and original that it kneaded some seasoning. So being the 8th grade genius I am, I came up with my own special sauce to try to make the ordinary dish sparkle, and it turned out that what was supposed to only be the spark of a new recipe was the beginning of one very spicy day
It was the day before the last day of school and everyone in my class was in a buzz to figure out what to bring for tomorrow’s celebration. Our teacher had split the class up into three groups and each was either supposed to get food, silverware, or party decorations. Like everyone else I was hoping that I would be chosen to bring silverware so I would just have to bring in a bunch of ordinary plastic forks, but when she gave out directions I just had to be picked to bring food. In my point of view this was the worst objective there was because every other material counted on this. If the food was uneatable and no one liked it there would be no use for silverware and the party would be ruined.
This thought of the whole class throwing away the food I was going to bring in, or throwing it up for that matter, buzzed throughout my head the entire bus ride home. I couldn’t tell what was going round and round faster, my brain or the bus’s wheels. Finally, I arrived on my torn up old block that hadn’t changed ever since we’d moved here, and went around the ordinary turns to get to my boring trailer that was sitting on the side of the road. If there was one thing that bothered me more than getting something for tomorrow’s party right now, it would be the fact of going through all the ordinary routines that I go through every second of every day.
You see; I’m not the ecstatic fun­loving guy that most kids my age would want to be around. Every day to me felt the same as the one I just had before, so I ended up thinking that there was no point in having fun or taking risks if it would just be over in what felt to me like a matter of minutes. Every day I would get home, do my homework, watch some TV, eat, maybe write freely a bit, and go to bed ready for the next day of school. It wouldn’t be in this exact order of course, but it didn’t matter because either way it all felt the like the same old ordinary day.
Despite all this thinking, the bus finally dropped me off directly in front of my trailer, and because of our lack of a driveway I had to trudge all the way through the tall grass of our lawn. Once I fought through all the grass, I walked straight through the front door, because of our lack of a door, and into my house. I suddenly heard a loud thud on the ground right next to me and whirled around expecting to see my Uncle Jebediah lying on the floor sleeping. This became a natural occurrence in my house because every day, my Uncle Jebediah’s sleep


disorder would finally get to him from the night before and fall to the ground in a deep sleep.
Anyways, instead of finding an over exhausted old grump lying on the floor, I saw my backpack and figured out that I had been thinking so hard about food that when I dropped my backpack I scared myself. Now self­conscious about myself,
I decided that I could think better about food if I just relaxed and had a good rest.
I dragged my feet over to my usual relaxing chair in the corner of the room and sacrificed all my will power to the comfiness of the chair.
In one instant, as soon as I hit the chair, all the thoughts were erased from my mind and for a second I thought I was going to get a moment to rest my mind.
Well that hope ended quickly.
About 5 seconds later, my Uncle Jud came through the gap where the door should be, followed by Aunt Jane and practically yelled, “Wooooo­ee! What is that