In Her Shoes Character Analysis

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"In Her Shoes" is a film about two sisters who are very close, but are very different. As they try to figure out how to make their diversities coincide with each others lives, they start to see that they are not that different. Maggie Feller makes it through life with her bewitching good looks. She is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed. Rose Feller is a successful lawyer, who is conservative and ordinary looking. Due in part to their troubled mother's death, the two girls remained very close. At about the same time that the two sisters have a falling out, Maggie discovers hidden letters revealing that they have a grandmother. It is the grandmother who helps the two siblings to look past their differences and become best friends once again.

Rose is a prosperous lawyer; she is always the first one to the office and the last one to leave. She is a committed attorney, who always looks ahead toward her future. Maggie on the other hand, is a moocher. She has had more jobs that she can count on her hands and feet. She lives for the here and now. Maggie never looked ahead and didn't seem to care what her future may hold.

Toward the middle of the movie Rose decides to leave the law firm. At this point, she believes the best course of action would be to start a dog walking business. Maggie also takes on a business of her own, as a personal shopper. She has grown up enough to see that this will be the beginning of her new life. As the two sisters develop their new careers, they become more similar than not.

Furthermore, Rose was the type of women who would not have a fling. She would be serious about the man she chose to date. If he cheated he would be history; no if, ands, or buts. Maggie's on the other side of the coin, she would sleep with any man the brought her a drink. She had many boyfriends. The girls both loved handsome men. Rose wanted a stable and reliable man to call her own. Rose wanted to have a serious relationship that lead to wedding bells and she got it. I think by the end of the movie, Maggie wanted to be like her sister. She wanted a serious boyfriend and maybe a wedding too.

More so, Rose had a strong will, but was not the outgoing type. She was quiet and put up with a lot of garbage from a lot of people. Rose had a put everything in it's a place attitudee. Maggie was very outgoing and had no problem speaking up; she basically lived free and in the now. Maggie was a very messy, as was her attitude.

In spite of their irreconcilable differences, the two sisters were both loving girls. They were both good hearted and trusting. Spirited at time, especially when they were arguing, you could almost see the fire. Maggie and Rose were best friends and even when they were angry at each other, they couldn't stay mad at each other. The two always