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Son Pham
In Jobless youth , U.S. Is Said to Pay High Price The article “ In jobless youth , U.S. is said to pay high price” , which was written by Shaila Dewan , talks about the U.S. is facing problems because there are still too many unemployed youth who currently do not work or find a job . A new report tells us that there is a price as high as $25 million a year which the U.S. is lacking from uncollected taxes . It means that the government spends a lot of money on walfare but does not get income through taxes from the unemployed people . There are many people focus on the problem which affords young people who are unemployed , but now they realize that the present taxpayers will pay price for this unemployment problem a long time . The new report also shows us that how important the unemployment problem is for young people because young people who do not work right now can save the finance of the United States by the taxes they might pay if they was working such as the government could recover $25 billion if everybody was working , so many opportunities are created to help . They now start to renew interest in programs like apprenticeships and vocational high schools , whereas many propgrams that long ago are not as popular as before . In this article , President Obama explains that college and university students are able to have opportunities to find a job for their graduation . While it is important to give chance for young people to get employed , it is