In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Monster Is the True Victim of the Book. Essay

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Imagine skipping that awkward childhood stage of life and going straight to being an adult; never having to worry about parent’s rules or curfews. But if all of a sudden, one was forced into the world of adults with the mindset of a newborn child, one would not know the difference between right and wrong and possibly even become a victim. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the monster is the true victim of the book. He is abused in multiple ways, he does nothing to warrant the unjust treatment he receives and he is forced into solitude. The monster can be seen as the true victim because he is abused both verbally and physically. Firstly, when he tries to enter the De Lacey cottage to talk to the blind man and try to get him to hear his …show more content…
He says, “… I escaped and rushed downstairs.” Pg 49. Victor assumes that the monster is trying to hurt him and that is why he runs away. All the monster does is grin at him like any child would grin at a parent. Seeing as he does nothing wrong, he is being victimized. Lastly, the monster gets shot even though he does nothing wrong; he is only trying to help a little girl. A rustic man runs towards him and takes the girl away from him and then runs off into the woods. While the monster suffers the pain of being shot, he says, “My sufferings were augmented also by the oppressive sense of the injustice and ingratitude of their inflictions.” Pg 143. The monster himself feels like he is not being treated fairly. He was only trying to help someone and the rustic does not even give him a chance to explain himself, but instead, he runs away from the monster, taking the girl with him. It is obvious the monster does nothing to warrant the unjust treatment he receives. He only smiles at Victor like any young child would smile at their parent, he does nothing to cause his ugliness which caused others to assume wrong things about him and treat him unfairly, and he was only trying to save a little girl when a rustic man snatches the girl away from him and runs away. This shows that he does nothing to deserve the unjust treatment he receives. The monster