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Practice test Four In my many years of experience in school, I've learned that most teachers tend to create an environment that is most comfortable for child to learn, explore, and discover new ideas and concepts. On the other hand, other teachers tend to create an environment where they drill information into a student's head; these kinds of teachers are only putting information in a child's head for a certain period of time, instead of a lifetime. Yet I have discovered that teachers like these shouldn't matter because it is up to a student to develop an open mind, one where they can see understand how things work, and how the world moves. I remember a time where I was just one small Indian girl, feeling incapable of everything that was put on front of me. Even though I could write, read, spell, count, and perform at an age where this seemed unimaginable, I still felt out of place. I had learned a different language before I learned to speak English, and so I remember having a small accent when I was a child. I'll never forget what my third grade teacher said to me. It was the words she said, right after our baby chicks hatched that day and she pointed to one of them breaking out of its shell, and she said to me, "Soon enough, that will be you, breaking out of your little shell, and showing the world who you truly are." I'll never forget how her inspiration led me to win the county spelling bee in the fourth grade, and move up to state level, and how her words motivated me into performing on stage in front of tens of thousands of people showing them my talent of Indian classical dance. She helped me not only build an open heart, but an open mind as well. I became a better person, volunteering myself for community work, because the overall goal of my life then, was to help others while pursuing your own destiny. I had changed a lot from there onward. I lost the accent by the time I got to the end of the third grade, and won the "Most Influential Student" award in the fourth grade, for setting forth a Green Initiative to use recycled paper instead of new paper. Our school saved thousands of dollars by the time I got to the fifth grade, and I spread it towards my middle school as well. However, learning facts cannot teach you how to do all this in a matter of two years. It's how you apply that knowledge of doing something for your society that no book, or teacher can force you to learn. The knowledge of an open mind, which I plan to continue to follow through, my entire life.

Diagnostic Test
Defining a goal is like defining the way you choose to be in the world, the way you want to become, the way you want to dress in the morning or even chose an assignment accordingly. Goals become your legacy, your intimacy, something you focus on doing because you want to achieve greatness. A goal is different for every person, because a goal is set for different people who want to accomplish different things. Goals have value whether they are achieved or not because goals help a person strive for success, strive for greatness.
During the Great Depression in the mid 1930s, our president of the time, Mr. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had an idea. A movement that would create jobs and help people get off the streets nationwide. A movement that lasted within a 100 days, that included multiple organizations and foundations that would help rise people to their feet to start working and bring in money to help support themselves and their family. Roosevelt brought the nation together with this 100 day plan and helped bring the great nation of America to rise up and move out of this depression. Roosevelt had a goal, an idea and he took action because he wanted it to become a legacy. Today, people around the world know about his great deeds and how he brought a country that was so deep into the ground to stand again.
I remember when I was a little girl; my mother had signed me up for Indian Classical Dance at a local dance studio.