Description Of The DBS Clearance

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In order to begin the DBS clearance, could you please bring at least three original forms of identification including at least one from Group 1 plus two more from Group 2 (one of these must be photo ID). Group 1:
* Passport (any nationality)
* Original UK Birth Certificate
* UK Driving Licence - both photo-card and paper counterpart
* UK Adoption Certificate If you are unable to provide photographic evidence you will need to provide a passport sized photograph endorsed on the back with the signature of a 'person of standing' in your community who has known you for at least 3 years.
A person of standing could be a magistrate, medical practitioner, officer of the armed forces, teacher, bank manager or civil servant. The photograph should be accompanied by a signed statement from the 'person of standing' indicating period of time known to you. Group 2:
* Birth certificate
* Marriage/ Civil Partnership Certificate
* Financial Statement e.g. pension, endowment, ISA, Mortgage - issued within the last 12 months
* Utility Bill (showing current address) e.g. council tax, gas, electricity, water- issued within the last 3 months
* TV Licence - issued within the last 12 months
* Bank/Building Society or Credit Card Statement - issued within the last 3 months
* P45/P60 statement - issued within the last 12 months
* Benefit Statements e.g. Child Allowance, Pension
* Vehicle