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In Paris, France, sightings of a large wild cat alerted police officers to guard school grounds, notify drivers and passengers to remain in their vehicles and to ask residents to stay inside their homes. In addition to other several issues the French were facing, such as the concern towards the country’s security in failing to detect illegal flights above nuclear power plants, the stir about a tiger-like creature roaming the streets and homes of Paris called forth the need for police officers and hunting squad to search for the animal with armed tranquilizers and a helicopter with a thermal detection system. However, after finding traces of footprints of the animal, wildlife agency reported that the animal did not seem to be a threat based on the size, proving to be between “a domestic cat and a large feline.” The main question was whether France had found a new species of animal, and also if researchers was able to learn about the animal and keep both the animal and the people safe and aware of the new discovery. Another important question is whether France is able to resolve an additional problem with the lack of security in flight areas in mind. Although specific conclusion were not reached, many reports indicated the animal was nothing more than an abnormal cat and that the people were safe from it. Strong points in this article include the quotes from different people such as the wildlife agency and the press, providing different perspectives of the situation at hand, based on the facts of the unknown animal. Weak