In Pursuit Of Happiness Argument Analysis

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Aristotle once explained that, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” If humans do not do anything to achieve happiness, they will never feel or accomplish it. Happiness is something that the whole world desires. Gaining happiness is not the same for every human. One might think a job promotion will give them happiness or winning a prize; however it is different for everyone else. Happiness seems very easy to achieve, however it is more complicated than it seems.
The most meaningful happiness humans can achieve is happiness from caring about others instead of themselves. Darrin McMahon, writer of “In Pursuit of Unhappiness,” the article is where he quotes the philosopher John Stuart Mill saying, “‘Those only are happy…who have their minds fixed
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Dan Gilbert, speaker of the TED Talk “The Surprising Science of Happiness,” he found out that collected from the studies, “The data indicates that after a year of losing their legs, and a year after winning the lotto, lottery winners and paraplegics are equally happy with their lives.” Gilbert goes on to explain how humans synthesize happiness, “when we don’t get what we wanted.” If humans are able to synthesize happiness, then they will still be happy. If a student got a bad grade on a test, they could synthesize happiness by accepting the grade they received and think about how they can improve from the test; therefore, the study proves that accepting what we have will make us just as happy as anyone else is. Similarly, in the documentary Happy, it tells the story of Melissa Moody. Moody was once a beautiful woman, until her horrible accident that disfigured her face; she never thought her life would be the same again until she accepted what happened to her and moved on. Moody’s experience informs that anyone can have a horrible impact on their life, but can still be happy by just accepting what happens. Therefore, if humans have a bad moment, all they have to do is accept what happens and make the best out of