In Search of April Raintree Essay examples

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In Search Of April Raintree
Chapter 1
April's family tree- April had a heritage of mixed nationalities. Her father was "a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of Indian." April's mother was part Irish and part Objibway. April inherited her mother's pale skin, while Cheryl inherited her father's darker skin.
Tuberculosis- April lived in Norway House in northern Manitoba until her father contracted tuberculosis. Her family was then forced to move to Winnipeg. Here is a link to more information on tuberculosis. "Medicine"-April's parents referred to alcohol as "medicine". They told April and Cheryl that they were sick and
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Several men make appearances in this Chapter.
Garth Tyndall was Cheryl's white boyfriend from university. He seemed to like Cheryl but was embarrassed to be seem with her so Cheryl eventually dumped him.
Jerry McAllister was a university professor and became April's boyfriend. He tried to coax April into becoming physical with him. One day April phoned his house and discover that he was actually a married man.
Roger Maddison was a lawyer at the firm where April worked. He and April had a bit of a rivalry going and they never said anything nice to each other.
Bob Radcliffe was April's first husband. He came to Winnipeg on business and he met April at the law firm where she worked. He was a gentleman and also very wealthy. He swept April off her feet and at the end of the chapter they got married.
Chapter 9
In Chapter 9, April moves to Toronto with her new husband, Bob Radcliffe. She is shocked when she sees their new home and realizes just how wealthy Bob really is. Bob's mother, Mother Radcliffe, lives with them and is a very domineering woman.
Cheryl comes to visit April in her new home. She and April don't get along so wee and it becomes apparent how far they have drifted apart. April has attained her goal of becoming wealthy and is accepted into white society. Cheryl thinks April is a fake and realizes just how much April looks down on the native heritage that she looks up