In The Book Of Mice And Men Essay

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Of Mice and Men American Dream Essay
Jimmy Slater

Catalfamo Period 8

In the book
Of Mice and Men
by John Steinbeck, he talked about the American dream.
Even though people may have large hopes and dreams, they are highly unlikely to actually
happen. Steinbeck Portrays this through Curley’s wife and Lennie. The characters had specific
dreams that were very far-fetched from their current living status.
Lennie had a dream of living in a nice farm house with George where he they would
have a bunch of animals. Lennie especially wanted rabbits, he wanted to be the one to tend
them. Lennie’s dream was highly unlikely for the fact that Lennie is constantly getting himself
into trouble and their job doesn’t pay enough to be able to achieve that. Lennie’s constant
problems led him to his death where he broke Curley’s wife’s neck. George knew Lennie’s
dream wasn’t going to happen just for Lennie’s bad tendencies. This Example made by
Steinbeck relates to the American dream, this is a big topic throughout the story portrayed
through the characters by Steinbeck.
Another example is curleys wife. Curleys wife had dreams of being a movie star. She
wanted to be the main part in a big movie in hollywood. She was a beautiful girl and the only
one on the farm. Curleys dream was very unlikely, she was a women and at that time women
were thought of as second class citizens and where she lived she could not get exposure even if
she had what it took to be one. Like lennie her dreams came to an extreme halt when she was

killed on accident by lennie. This occurrence later lead to Lennie’s death by which george put
him down.
The whole “American Dream” which Steinbeck…