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Waleed Nafeesah

In the business world the first thing any company will face is the competition. So any company has to be ready for this competes with other companies. Also, the profit won't come in the first year of opining the business so the company has to have budget for at least two years in any business. Thus, this budget will help the business to invest before the profit came. However, if any company or business was succeeding and there is a chance to lose everything, it has to merge or deal with other company. This merger or deal with will help to increase the company's profits rather than lose the business. Moreover, the merger or deal with strategies will help Lina sport to reduce its competitor, compete with the international companies, produce and improve its products quality.
Nowadays, many companies prefer to merge with other companies in order to reduce the number of their competitor. Thus, when the number of competitors got less the profit will be increased. For example, the merger between HP and Compaq will be reduce their competitor and increased their profit as well. According to HP site, this merger will generate approximately 2.5 billion dollars a year and this number will increase year after year. So the merge will help Lina sport to reduce its competitor and make a lot of profit instead of closing the business.
Many companies these days being merge with other companies to compete in international market. To give an example, when HP merges Compaq Company in 2001 they said that they created 87 billion global technology and to be number one in the world in servers. So competing in the international market will help Lina sport too much to reach its goal and been far from any losing. Also, what happened between Pepsi and some restaurant it's kind of merger to help both side got benefits from the customers. This kind of merger will also help Lina sport to be succeeding company, may if it deal with some restaurant or coffee places like Starbucks by give small gift to customers to know about it more. That likes advertising for Lina sport without spend a lot of money. So there are many succeed examples for the merger between the companies to compete in the international market and increase their profit plus mutual the opinion for improving their products.
If the company wants to produce, improve the quality and having many ways for selling their products, it has to merge or deal with other company or with the best soccer team. For instance, in my country Saudi Arabia any company want to open business, it can't own over than 49%. So it has to deal with national company to open its business in my country. I giving my country as an example because its best place to open business for many reasons such as there is no Tax and Lina sport can sell its product in high price. Moreover, in my country there is a company naming Alhokir that deal with many Americans and Europeans companies to open in Saudi Arabia and have great business. This