In The Computer World There Has Always Been The Question Essay

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Joshua Herbert

Composition and Critical Thinking


In the computer world there has always been the question, which computer is better? There are several brands of computers on the market but Mac and PC are among the best. Being an avid PC user for many years, I was skeptical about transitioning to a MAC. Finally I built up the courage to buy an MAC which was money well spent. The Mac is a better computer than its counter part PC because of its design and operating system. When you walk into a store to purchase a computer the design is the first thing to catch your eye. The MAC’s CPU and monitor are sealed inside a translucent candy-colored shell. Reducing the number of cables necessary for operation gives the computer a smooth look. PC’s try to incorporate the all in one concept but none are as sleek as the MAC. A major component of any computer is the operating system. Operating systems control the execution of computer programs. The operating system is what sets the computer apart from each other. OS X Lion is the standard operating system for an MAC. The feel and overall look compared to Windows is night and day. PC’s still have the standard mouse and we know how aggravating that can be. Mac has taken the mouse step further and incorporated gestures along with standard controls. You can navigate between pages; zoom in and out with a simple gesture from the mouse.
Organization with the MAC operating system is better, application are easily accessible by the toolbar located on the bottom of the screen. The toolbar displays the most commonly used programs; additional programs can be accessed via the launch pad icon. Mac displays its program as icons, which are more appealing to the eye and easy to remember. Windows still offers that standard list format which takes away from