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Ideal State Is it possible to have a perfect government? The answer is no but many philoffessors believe that politicians in the government should be of some things. Goverment should be sacrificing their work for the people of their state, not for the benefit of themselves. Times have definitely changed and the types of government we have today is far more different then what it used to be. Although this has happened recents studies haven shown that crop yields increased dramatically, pests have decreased, and crops have fewer diseases while some chemical sprays are being used today. Also many believe that in our lifetime people will be able to choose the characteristics of their offspring to be born with. For this scientists predict that new organs will be grown in laboratories. But how do we know for sure that this couldn’t lead to other problems ahead of time? It's one thing to know how to solve something but another to know what it could lead in the future. Their incentive is to make more money, and scientists will do whatever it takes even if that means producing a cheaper product. They think about saving money not lives.When Rachel Carson wrote Silent spring it was the New York Times best seller, “creating worldwide awareness of the dangers of environmental pollution.” (Carson." Encyclopædia Britannica) Many of the corporations polluting the air were not happy about it. They were not happy because of air pollution, but because they were going to be losing money. Carson started a movement in the 1960's and stated that “the planetary ecosystem was reaching the limits of what it could sustain.” “Carson stood behind her warnings of the consequences of indiscriminate pesticide use, despite the threat of lawsuits from the chemical industry and accusations that she engaged in “emotionalism” and “gross distortion.” Carson's critics referred her as a communist. Carson soon died and did not see any results from her work about this issue, however she most likely felt hopeful that someday something would be done because of her work. When she left this earth she “left behind some of the most influential environmental writing ever published.”
So why did these people spread DDT and pollute the earth? What was their incentive? It couldn't have been for people and mother natures health, it was for money and some people just don't care what their doing to their fellow people or Earth, they care about keeping their high income salaries. This is the kind of world we live in. If it wasn't for Rachel Carson's teachings and writings how would things be today?
Many believe nature should be left is, and when we involve ourselves with nature we can really mess things up. When we started hunting wolves to help the deer survive, we noticed that more deer were dying then before. Why? Because their was a shortage of food for the deer and they were starving to death. So when we tried control the natural order of things it backfired. We lost more wolves and deer because of it, this is why people believe nature is at its equilibrium before we involve ourselves. Just because humans are more intelligent then all the other animals we think that we own this earth and can do whatever with no consequences. Its weird to think about how things would be if we didn't inhabit this earth and mess with things. Since man has evolved, we have been constantly creating things that benefits us. For example, we created motor vehicles that transport us at fast speeds without breaking a sweat. This obviously is a positive thing for us, but like always we create problems for the environment we live in. Man can now travel at speeds impossible to travel on foot, but at what cost? Every time we push on the gas pedal we are polluting the air that we breath in every second of the day. The polluted air isn't just effecting us, but it is harming