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Feminism within In the Time of the Butterflies and Mayor of Casterbridge In the books “In the Time of the Butterflies” and “Mayor of Casterbridge” one can find many open messages of feminism. Both authors wrote the books with the women on the receiving end of oppression. In both books the women fought against the oppression with some dying but the end result being a better life for the survivors. “In the Time of the Butterflies” the four main characters end up dying except for Dede who lives to tell the story. In “Mayor of Casterbridge “ Susan is freed from her unappreciative husband but ends up dying but her legacy Elizabeth Jane marries the love of her life. There are many other examples of how feminism was underlined within the text. To define feminism is a very difficult task. To define feminism within novels one would have to look at one, the main characters and their interactions with other women and two, the conflict presented and how it affects women. If the characters within books either oppress women or strongly support them than that is a sign of feminism. If the conflict within a book revolves on the struggle of women than that is also a sign of feminism
“In the Time of the Butterflies” the signs of feminism are that the main characters (women) show a change within themselves and show a sense of self support. The other sign that is shows is that the conflict in the book revolves entirely around the women’s struggles and how in their position they must overcome so much and as women they do. This is clearly feminism because