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When visiting Jamaica, most tourists stay close to the sugar white beaches and crisp blue water of the Atlantic Ocean, but what lies behind those beaches is where the beautiful treasures of the country truly are. While traveling, most people try to see everything a place has to offer. It could be historic landmarks, or something as simple as the beauty of mother nature. Jamaica has many interesting places to go and explore like the Blue Mountains, Dunn’s River Falls, and ancient Spanish Town. Dunn’s River Falls is a must see destination on anyone’s vacation to Jamaica. During someone’s visit to the falls they could climb up the levels of falls with a tour guide, or just spectate from the side and enjoy the beauty. In Sara Marcefield’s article “Water Way to Spend an Afternoon” she states, “These 600-foot falls were just made for climbing, with huge boulders that are reasonably easy to scramble up…” (n. pag.). Climbing up the massive falls takes about 40 minutes, and there is no way to make this journey without getting wet. On the way up, there’s a great view of the falls themselves and glistening pools of water to admire. The clear ponds are also a great area to stop and take a nice refreshing dip to cool down during your climb. At the top of the falls, people can kick back and relax at the craft village. Most tourists fill their hollow stomachs with some tasty food and drink. Some people relax and try to regain their energy used on the journey up to the village. Most would agree that Dunn’s River Falls is worth visiting and is a very beautiful place to see. In the East of Jamaica, visitors can do plenty and learn a lot of things all while being in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Something to do in the massive blue peaks is take a guided hike or bike ride. In Steve Cohen’s article he says, “Hikers travel up Blue Mountain Peak in darkness to reach the summit just in time to greet the sunrise” (5). This adventure up the 7,402 foot mountain starts in the early morning hours and is about a day long trek. These mountains are famous for their sweet and rich Blue Mountain coffee. The mountain range holds many farms, plantations, and processing plants, but not all of them are owned by the country. Some coffee fields are the property of local farmers who sell their product in nearby towns. Blue Mountain coffee is actually sold worldwide and is very popular in different places all over. There are some amazing places to see when in the beautiful mountains. People enjoy seeing neighboring towns like Kingston, St. Andrew and St. Thomas from the peaks of the blues. Kingston is the country's capital and a heavily populated area. When looking at it during the night it is lit up like a christmas tree; it’s an incredible view. Obviously, the Blue Mountains are full of many wonderful and exciting things to discover and do. While exploring Jamaica quite a few people tend to stop in the…