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Gerald in this play is of higher social standing then the Birling’s so the differences between the classes are in their manners and socially acceptable behaviour. He is involved in key points in this play such as a relationship with Daisy Renton and with Sheila Birling who he got engaged to at the start of the play. Gerald is an quite important character in this play for the relationships he has had and currently in and the socialist and capitalist views he has.
Gerald is from an upper class family and he is the Birlings social superior. Mr Birling makes this clear when he says. "Lady Croft - while she doesn't object to my girl - feels you might have done better for yourself socially." This creates unease between them and his parents are not over-impressed by Gerald's engagement to Sheila because they declined the invitation to the dinner. At the start there is romantic lighting “pink lighting”.
He did have some genuine feeling for Daisy Renton as he was very moved when he hears of her death. He tells Inspector Goole that he arranged for her to live in his friend's flat "because I was sorry for her;" she became his mistress because "She was young and pretty and warm-hearted - and intensely grateful” which shows he did care about her by giving her a place to stay but it was likely to happen that a relationship would occur because of this act of kindness. He also has fragmented speech when he says “Sorry - I - well, I've suddenly realised - taken it in properly - that's she's dead-" this also show how much it affected him when he heard of her death.
Despite this he tries to come up with as much evidence as possible to prove that…