In What Ways Is The Code By Which Greek Heroic Code And Different?

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Study Guide for World Lit. Exam 2

1. What does Beowulf mean when he says that an undoomed man can escape death in battle if his courage is good?
If you are undoomed you might be able to escape death if you fight well in battle. If you don’t fight well or bravely you still have a possibility of death. If you are doomed, no matter how you fight you’re going to die.

2. In what ways is the code by which Beowulf fights like the Greek heroic code and different?
The Greek heroic code involves fighting bravely and winning honor and it is different because it applies to everyone and has a strong sense of doom.

3. Is there a good reason for Roland not to blow his horn when Oliver asks him to?
No. It is an element of pride that he
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Morgan la Fay wanted to scare Guinevere and to exploit the corruption of the court. It was also to test the court to see if they are as brave and mighty as they claim to be.

16. What is the significance of the Green Knight’s three swings of his axe? This is what does each swing correspond to in the story and why is Gawin’s neck only nicked on the third swing?
The first swing he didn’t get hit because he didn’t do anything wrong the first day, and he exchanged the kiss. The second swing he didn’t get hit because he didn’t do anything wrong the second day, and he exchanged the two kisses he received. The third swing nicked his neck because he didn’t exchange the green sash but he did exchange the kisses.

17. Explain how the exchange-of-gifts game in Sir Gawin and the Green Knight is related to the beheading game.
For each day that he exchanges the gifts he receives he does not get hurt by the swing of the axe. When he doesn’t exchange the gift he receives a nick on his neck for not honoring the agreement.

18. Why is Goods unable to go with Everyman on his journey but Good Deeds is?
Goods admits that he would be a determine to the journey, and he is honest. Good Deeds can go because he is willing and would assist Everyman.

19. What specifically must Everyman do to get to heaven when he dies?
He needs to get his deeds off the ground. To get his deeds of the ground he has to go through church. He also needs to do enough good deeds.