In A Love Hate Realationship With Winte Essay

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In a Love-Hate relationship with winter
Recently, we asked thousands of people to write about winter in a few different selective words; both negative and positive. The response we got was different and unique. Cuddling by the fire, a depression of dark clouds, desolate, purity, bleak, family gathering, wild, afternoon naps, depressing, winter-silence, crystal glints on snow, homemade soup, dormant, a chance to snuggle someone you love, stars twinkling in black skies and so on. If we search the definition of winter we will get the answer as “winter is the coldest season that lies between autumn and spring”. However when I hear the word “winter” I automatically think about what I hate and love about winter and I want to share my opinions with others. Here in this article I will write all the things I hate and love about winter.
Like every typical person I hate having a cold and winter is definitely a place full of chances of catching a cold however winter sill has its own particular beauty and charm. When you look up at the stars on a cold, clear night when you can see your breath swirl into the black sky like smoke, you’ll be shocked from the beauty of the night that appears only on a special occasion, winter. When you see the moon glow over the snow-covered ground, you’re stunned from the night sky. This is one of the many reasons why I love winter. As beautiful a night in winter is, I also love watching the sun rise. Before winter the only people who could watch the sun rise were night workers. However in winter, the sun doesn’t raise at least seven and everyone is awake by then, giving us a chance to see the sun rise. The first thing you see is pastel explosion with curly, loopy swirls decorated with bright colours- red, blue, pink and yellow- that makes everyone awed.
Hate is a strong word and I rarely use the word hate however I hate catching a cold in winter. This leads to why I hate winter. Yes there are many reasons to love winter but there are also many reasons to hate winter, for example getting sick. Since its winter, you will get the flu. Because there is no cure for the flu you just have to wait for it to go away and you don’t know how long that will take. You have to constantly blow your nose, cough, sneeze and hope-more like beg-for it to go away. This is one of the reasons why I despise winter. Another reason why I don’t like winter is that the cold just sits there for months and months of the year. I don’t mind the cold until the moment