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Kassie Bogucki
Mrs. Buckhold
CP English
30 January 2015
The Grey
As the grey sun comes up and casts a shadow across the dull, dreary streets of Jones
City, the lights come on in building number 104, home of the Jones 104 family. The buildings are just grey brick squares that have four rooms on the first floor and four more rooms on the second floor. Each block has eight buildings and there are dozens of blocks in one city. Every city looks the same, fences around them with a couple of acres of dead grass between them and the buildings. Right in the middle of the city is the City Hall, where the Government and police are located. The City Hall is the lightest grey with the words “City Hall” above the big wooden grey double doors. The only thing connecting the cities are the underground subway trains that ends at the City Halls. No one can get on the train unless they have permission from the President or the Government.
A police officer and the father of the Jones 104 family, Michael, puts on his jeans and grey t­shirt to go downstairs for breakfast. Ella, the mother of the family, wakes everyone while going downstairs to make the normal breakfast of plain oatmeal and water. On his way he makes sure that the two children are getting ready for the drab day of work and school.
Each family is only allowed to have two children, no more no less. That is the way of the
Since Civil War 23 in 2056, there is no color, no creativity, no fun. Anyone who doesn’t obey the rules and regulations of President Jackson 84 and the Government is taken, never to be seen again. The rules are simple don’t lie, don’t be out after dark, don’t miss school or

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work, obey the President and the Government at all times. They are taken to some secret underground complex in Jackson City, the Government moves to whatever city the new
President is from. In the Country there are six cities in the Country, Smith, Jackson, Jones,
Miller, Harris, and Anderson Cities. Everyones last names are the name of the city that they live in, ergo President Jackson 84 is from Jackson City and he lives in the 84th building.
After their breakfast the 104 Jones family leaves their building and Ella and Michael go to work while Mia and Ava go to school. The school is where the boys learn the stuff that men do like mechanics,