Narrative Essay About Su

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Nina Ferrer
Professor Susan Chapman
English 111
21 February 2013

The darkness is slowly scaring me making me feel overwhelmed. I can’t see anything. I feel suffocated and musty with all these boxes stocked next to me and on top of me. I’ve been here for so long and I feel so hopeless and useless. Then suddenly a bright light shines on me and I finally feel free from this very comfortless home. I wish someone would open this lid on top of me so I can breath in fresh air. But here I am staying strong and just patiently waiting. Then suddenly, I am lifted, opened, and place on top of a flat surface. I feel so nervous. I am hearing human voices. My wish is granted. It is my time, and I am free! My thoughts are running, I wonder if
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I am extremely weary and depleted, but my spirit is still strong. I feel so accomplished that although I was beaten up and left like this, I’ve completed my main task to protect my owner, and at the same time make him look good and keep him safe. As my owner takes me off, I feel so much air coming inside, I can breath better, he picks me up and wipes me with a cold wet cloth. He puts me back in where I belong .The box is closed, and darkness once again overtakes me. Even though I am unaware of when the next time I will step on the ground, hopefully soon, what I do know is that, I’ve completed my main task. And instead of being in a dark room suffocated with other boxes, I am home, waiting for another