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One of the most advanced civilizations of the new world, the Incas, were nestled in the heart of ancient Peru. They created vast cities in the sandy mountains of South America. Their society was organized by sophisticated road systems and architectural design, including the world famous Machu Pichu. They were master metal workers and created unsurpassed gold works of art. In August on 1536, Spanish conquistadors claimed to have sent a small cavalry to devastate the large Incan army, by killing their leader. Ancient Spanish historians recorded a heroic victory over overwhelming odds that didn’t seem to match up to the physical evidence found in modern day Peru. The Spanish had many advantages over the Incas, as per discovered by the bullet wounds found in the skeletons of ancient Indians. An Incan army with stone weapons did not stand much of a chance against the modern weaponry of the Spanish; modern guns, large horses, and other metal tools. After many experiments, it appeared that the Spanish documentation was fabricated in order to glorify the Spanish conquest. Indian allies were actually the most important factor in the victory over Mochito and many like him. It appears that the Spanish leader, Francisco Pizarro, was given an Indian concubine, whose chief mother sent a large army to liberate the city under attack by the rebellion forces. This army is the main reason the rebels were defeated, despite the Spanish record of bravery and victory against all