Incandescent Light Bulb Essays

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In sixth grade science class we did an experiment where we each were given a D battery, paper clip, a small light bulb, and something like twenty minutes to make the bulb light up. In this small amount of time we had to write down the steps we used to get the bulb lit. I, having little knowledge of batteries, other than knowing that they made my walkman play, figured that it had something to do with the positive and negative sides of the battery. I manipulated the paper clip, and proceeded to place one end of this wire under the battery and bend the other part to the top of the battery and then set the light bulb on top of it. Nothing happened. Even though there was nothing different from end to end of this paper clip I still proceeded to flip the paper clip over and try the other end, still nothing. It was only out of frustration that I set the little light bulb on the raised bump, on top of the battery, because it reminded me of a lamp and in the same motion the paperclip struck the coiled bottom of the bulb and voila, it lit up. I was so surprised by the light that I jumped and the little bulb rolled down the table hit the floor and broke. If given another opportunity to do this assignment, I would have kept track of my steps so that I could remember what had happened to make the little bulb light up. In all the excitement of the bulb breaking on the floor I forgot everything I did prior. In real life I believe that research conducted by psychologists is dealt with in