Incandescent Light Bulb and People Essay

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Prospects and Perils in the 21st Century Journals
Week #1 7 - 13 In the first week of my assignment I was not sure what I should do to make difference, and because I am not the type of person who usually tries to make a difference, I am more the type of person who is quite and to myself. So I decide to start out with something that seemed small to me, I decided to clean up my street. I live on Wallace st in Woodbridge and my street is located right beside the Humber River so any sort of garbage would end up into the river at some point if it was not picked up. I spent around 2 hours picking up as much of the trash as possible and go close to the river as I could get and I filled up around 1 large garbage bag. From this activity I learned that by just trying to make my street a cleaner place I can make a change in many other people’s lives. This was evident when my neighbor saw me cleaning up and decided to do his part and clean up the front of his house. Week #2 14 - 20 This week I had completely forgotten to plan something out for my assignment so at the last minute I remembered that nothing is too small to make a change. So this Sunday when I was getting coffee I decided to buy the orders for the four cars behind me which totalled to around $18. I know that this wasn’t a huge impact to the world and didn’t make a huge difference but if by buying the order for one of those people lead them to doing something similar then it was worth it.

Week #3 21 - 27 This week in the spirit of thanksgiving I decide to collect some food to donate to the food drive. I collected 22 soup cans and 10 boxes of Kraft dinner to donate, I understand that this is nowhere near what enough to make a dent is but every little bit counts. I can’t even imagine how it feels to be starving, with the privileges I’ve had in my life I have never gone without food for more than 12 hours and some people actually go days without food. I’ve joked around about starving or being hungry but if you actually take a minute to imagine what it truly means to starve most of us would have to agree that none of us have actually faced true ‘starvation’. If each of us can even donate one can or piece of food we can provide someone with one meal and help them get through the day. Oct 28 Week #4 +Nov 9 Week #1 For two weeks rather than driving around everywhere and increasing the amount of pollution in the world I decided to take the bus or walk to places I wanted to go to. During these two weeks I not only saved money on gas but I also helped the environment a bit. The problem that I faced was it was a bit more difficult for me to get to places that are further away from house. So I’ve decided to rather than completely remove the my car from my day to day like that as long as where I want to go to is within 15km I will walk or take a bus. By doing this I will be able to save money as well as do my part in helping the environment.

November Week #2 + #3 10 - 23 I decide to make this week’s assignment for two weeks as well and I also decided to bring some of my friends into my plans. I did this by creating a carpool group with three of my other friends that would be able to drive to York and back around the same time. We decided that because we all lived close to each other we would meet at our local community center (Woodbridge Memorial Arena) to carpool to York. Doing this would not only helps us all save money but this also helps us cause less pollution. Rather than 4 separate cars on the rode on there would only be and that help reduce the amount of pollution, even though by not much. I believe like many others if we all did this we can easily reduce the amount of pollution in our environment even if we can’t remove it all together. In the end we all agreed this was a great and idea and hope to continue this for as long as possible. Week #4 24 - 30 This week I noticed that a majority of the light bulbs in my house were