Inception VS the Bible Essay

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Inception from a Biblical View

The movie that I chose to watch is titled, “Inception”. This movie is about a team of con men, Cobb and Arthur, who are hired to extract information from whoever contracts them. In most cases they are in a dream within a dream and have to get information from the persons sub conscious. When the movie opens they are in the midst of pulling information from Saito. He is an Asian man that was being targeted for information. After the job is completed Saito informs them that he was the one who hired them to see how well they could extract information because he needed to hire them for a very important job that would take more effort than simple extractions. The job he required of them was to put an idea in someone else’s mind to make them think it was their own idea in order to save Saito’s company. This type of job is called Inception and that’s how the movie got its name. Inception is the very idea of inputting information into someone’s subconscious that makes them believe later in reality it was their own idea. In this movie Cobb is the extractor he is the main character who has to deal with many different forms of reality in order to make a living. Arthur is his partner who knows all of Cobb’s secrets and tricks. During the movie a woman makes an appearance and Arthur seems to know who she is before Cobb even sees her. Once she is seen by Cobb there is an immediate need for attention to who this woman is and what role she plays in Cobb’s dream world. We come to find that she is Cobb’s late wife who had past due to this world they created. She is now a part of Cobb’s subconscious that keep popping up and turning against them in these fantasy dream worlds. After Saito is awoken and realizes the potential of Cobb and Arthur he offers them the task of Inception. He tells them he needs them to plant an idea in the mind of his business competition and if they do it successfully that Cobb will get to return to his family along with offers of wealth. Because of the dangerousness of this job we can see that Arthur is skeptical of the offer but goes along with the idea for his friend’s sake. Now the planning and plotting begins. They have to find a person who is going to create these worlds for them and they call her the architect. Ariadne, the architect, responsibility is to create and design a world most like reality and allow the dreamer to input his/her own subconscious to fill it with things they know. When they find her they realize she will be a great asset to their team. They plot and plan to create this world for inception and decide to go five levels deep which had never been done before and can be extremely dangerous. The dangers of creating all the separate worlds was mixing and matching of certain pieces and it had to be perfect so the dreamer didn’t realize it was all a dream. Inputting information wasn’t the hard part, what was hard was that Saito wanted them to input an idea in his head so that when he woke up he would think of this idea as his on and implicate it in order to save Saito and all his money. The complexity of this job is endless. The targets name is Fischer and he is the son of a very wealthy business man. He is the target in this inception and they decide the best time and place to perform this is on the plane back from picking up his dead father from Sydney. The reason Saito wishes to create this inception is to break up the company that his father will leave Fischer and to sell the company. If Cobb is able to complete this task Saito promises him the return to his family and false charges against him, in the murder of his wife, to be dropped. Cobb accepts the offer and assembles his team: Eames, a conman and identity forger; Yusuf, a chemist who concocts the powerful sedative for a stable "dream within a dream" strategy; Ariadne, an architecture student tasked with designing the labyrinth of the dream landscapes; and Arthur. Saito