Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl Summary

Words: 1948
Pages: 8

Being compelled to live a life that you do not aspire to live is very traumatic. Being compelled to give up something or someone you love because its impasse is devastating. This was the case of a survivor named Linda Brent, who had to go through these rigors in keep the lives around her safe. Brent shows an epitome of womanhood and how slave woman had to experience horrible situations that they couldn't refrain from occurring. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl gives a nonfictional account of the brutality slavery brought upon women. The story demonstrated a portion of the perils that women in slavery both white and black had to encounter. Incidents also makes depictions on how slave women were degraded under slavery and how they were treated with such low value. Incidents portrays how slave women had to go through tribulations that were far worse than any soul in slavery had to acknowledge. Women in slavery had different hardships and effects that men in slavery never experienced.

Jacobs, Harriet, Incidents in the Life of a
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White women were devastated by the fact that their husbands have broken the promise of commitment and trust towards one another. White women in this institution dealt with the fact of being deluded of their partner's love. White women had to go through to the fact of being looked over by their husband. Slave masters' wives had to deal with the hardship of being in competition for their husband's affection. The female slave has now become the recipient of jealousy by the wife of the slave master. Women both white and black had to struggle with the hardship of emotional abuse in finding the purpose in their selves. White women felt as if their husbands were not valuing them the way they should be valued and began feeling unimportant. The enslaved and white women had to struggle with the emotional abuse of