Incivility In Nursing Essay

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Bullying takes on many forms, and sometimes is more difficult to spot or discern the differences between this, violence, and incivility which Dr. Renee Thompson (2017), “who is one of the top professional development and anti-bullying thought leaders in nursing,” “defined as rude or unsociable speech or behavior.” She reports finding “some bullying, but not a lot. However, I usually find an awful lot of incivility!” Although one would never anticipate such an atrocity to occur, it still happens. In a profession that requires compassion, caring, and empathy, amongst nurses it sure seems hypocritical or contradictory to the callings’ core values. In incivility, it could be small acts that are quite subtle, such as a nurse ignoring the other nurse that is greeting her by saying, “Good morning.” The appropriate words for this would be lacking courtesy. According to ANA (American Nurses Association) (2015):
Incivility and bullying in nursing is prevalent in all settings. Incivility is one or more rude, discourteous, or disrespectful actions that may or may not have a negative intent behind them. Bullying, which ANA defines as
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According to policy and law, we as nurses, are supposed to report abuse if there is suspicion or if there is evidence in which to support it with. She had reported it as mandated, and was fired. Why was she fired? The report filed to the police did in fact, not make it to the police because the facility where she worked had removed the report and made sure it did not get delivered to the proper recipient. In another incident, she and a resident were the victims of the bullying which was not done by one sole person, but a group because the resident had spoken up about them not complying with speaking English when they performed patient care. She left that