Incognito The Secret Lives Of The Brain Summary

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In the book, Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, David Eagleman argues that many decisions in our mind are created before the conscious brain in taken into account. This book really makes you question the ability of our brain and the many impacts it has on our lives and many of our decisions.

A reoccurring theme throughout the book is noticing the difference between conscious and unconscious mind. Our senses play an important role in the causation of what our conscious mind perceives. The conscious mind will agree with the unconscious mind rather than out senses due the way each individual perceives everything they see and hear. This is a confusing topic since our senses are thinking one thing while the unconscious mind is thinking another, which draws controversy between the two, ultimately confusing the conscious mind.

Eagleman studies many different cases one being the Charles Whitman case, showing he had a tumor in his brain affecting his amygdala which is directly correlated to his emotions including anger. This case stood out among others since he shot 46 people and killed 13 of them. He went to an office tower and shot people down below. Prior to going to the tower, he stabbed his wife
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I think it has a really deep meaning in today’s society. This quote is saying how everything may seem perfect until something wrong is pointed out to you. It shows a very optimistic point of view at first since they people see the world as a perfect place. It then comes to their attention that it isn’t which makes them think about life in a completely different way. It can change a person’s point of view of life from optimistic to pessimistic very quickly. Someone may see the glass half full and drastically change and now see the glass half empty, since their eyes are now open to many bad things that can happen in