Income Inequality In America

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Poverty and income inequality
United States of America enjoys accolades of freedom, opportunity and equality associated with success, hard work and leadership in the world today. Amid all these, poverty is an issue which cannot be overlooked even though the United States of America is a land of plenty. Income inequality contributes much to the poverty levels in the United States of America today. Blacks in the United States lag behind in every aspect of economic wellbeing such as home ownership, wealth and income. These trends have been consistent for a while and it is notable that regardless of the levels of education between blacks and whites, disparities still exist. Between 2005 and 2006 statistics show that 13 percent of white Mississippians
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Normally those who follow the norms for the case of blacks and whites should reach the middle class at the same rate. This however does not come into play. Those who follow the three norms significantly the blacks do not reach the middle class compared to whites who do the same. Among whites, about 73 percent following the three norms get income of above three hundred above the federal poverty lines for their families while only while only fifty nine percent of blacks achieve this when they adhere to the norms in equal measure.
The impacts of these norms cannot be isolated because they do influence the success of an individual fairly. Upholding two norms and breaking a third can only lead to equal income to both blacks and whites if the norm is insignificant to the inequalities existing between the two groups. Whites who only break one norm enjoy higher success rates compared to blacks. Breaking norms related to childbearing and work have greater impacts associated with inequalities than not having a high school
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Poverty affects one’s health adversely and poor communities’ exhibit high levels of mortality rates. This means that black Americans living in poverty have higher death rates. There is a difference between black and white mortality rates; this is attributed to income inequalities and economic segregation which are more prevalent in black communities.
In conclusion, the notion that people have the ability to upgrade their status is disputable. For the case of black Americans born in poverty, changing their social status can be a big problem owing to the racial segregations and inequalities in different aspects of the everyday life. The only way to break the unequal wealth distribution and inequalities experienced by the black Americans and other minority groups is to make serious changes dating back to the historical and cultural beliefs. A more liberal society should be created where each and every individual has equal access to success rates basing on their efforts and