Inconvenient Truth Essay

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An Inconvenient truth
By Lina Mayorga

“An Inconvenient truth” is a documentary movie about the change of global warming. This is the perfect way to show how humans are modifying Earth’s weather and how that problem can affects us and our future generations. This movie is based basically in Al Gore’s point of view about the problem of our environment making awareness of that through impacted images. Al Gore’s documentary explores different kinds of sources about climate change and predictions about it.
To begin with, this movie described the consequences of global warming from a scientific, political, and economic interpretation. It is really interesting how Al Gore could show to everybody his opinion and actually the real situation of our lovely and not immortal planet. We have been exploiting our resources since the beginning of humans being and we are not giving back anything to The Earth. Future catastrophes are coming and we are totally relaxed about it.
Equally important, it is to realize how ignorant we are about this problem and its solutions. I definitely admire Al Gore’s intention because all the shocking moments in this documentary make us to reconsider about global warming consequences and how we should find possible ways to reduce the problem. Moreover, the evidences that Al Gore offered are convincing and the movie brought a lesson for our society.
Furthermore, “An Inconvenient truth” proposed tips that would help to repair our damages that create the climate change; that is essential