Indain Pain Essay

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There is a really poor native American kid that was born with water in his head, but he did a surgery when he was six months old to suck all the water out of his brain. He is a native American and he lives at the 19th centuries and when he was almost ten he had forty two teeth but which is weird, because normal humans have only thirty two. So it means he had ten extra teeth, until he went to the dentist at the Indian Health Service to get his extra teeth pulled out. The dentist guy believed that Indians feel pain five times less than the white people, so he pulled out all the extra ten in one day! As he always says he has a poor family and by poor he means the formula of: Poor=empty refrigerator + empty stomach. He believes that after eating nothing for eighteen hours the best thing to eat is chicken. Once his best friend Oscar went to his house and he was really sick that if he didn’t go to doctor he would have died with a really big pain. Until Junior’s dad decided to kill him with a bullet in his head so he can’t feel the pain anymore, but Junior strongly disagreed with him and he took Oscar to the garden. He was crying next to him but he just stood up and ran as fast as he could. When he heard the sound of the bullet he just froze for a second and he just didn’t know what to do. He thought the best thing to do is just to go to his second best friend’s house which they called him Rowdy and was a really tough and tuff kid. When Rowdy was in kindergarten he fought with…