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Albert Dweck
Ms. Stein (9-R)
Independent Reading Assignment
May 5, 2014
The Maze Runner
1. "All our names are just stupid nicknames they made up-like Alby for Albert Einstein, Newt for Isaac Newton and me- Thomas. As in Edison." This quote is said by Thomas the main character of the story after he goes through the changing and regains most of his memories. This is an important quote from the story because it is the first time that the boys in the Glade learn something about themselves. This quote also connects to the end of the story where the boys learn that they where put in the maze to test their intelligent and to see if they could become geniuses like the people they are named after.
2. One character that gave an interesting impression was Newt. Newt wasn't the leader of the Glade but his actions showed that he had great leadership. The first time his leadership shined was when he took it upon himself to give Thomas the tour of the Glade. The next time we see his leadership is when Alby and Minho where stuck in the maze and he was planning to go in the next day to find them even though he couldn't run. The last time we saw his leadership was when Alby was going through the changing and he took charge of the Glade and made sure that everyone was doing their jobs and he dealt with the problems going on in the Glade.
3. One character that had a significant change in the story is Minho the keeper of the runners. Being the keeper of the runners he always had hope for solving the maze and finding a way out. But when he gave up on solving the maze because he thought there was no way out he became the pessimist of the glade. When he lost hope all of the gladers also lost hope until, Thomas found that there wasn't a way out of the maze but that the maze was a code to find the way out.
4. This book has supported my perception of memories. Memories is one of the most important things in our lives. Memories are the foundation to