Independent Book Project: The Help by Kathryn Stockett Essays

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Breanna Tarkanyi
Mr. Haugh
English Language Arts 11B
4 May 2014
Book Check #2
Independent Book Project
Title of Book: The Help
I reached my reading goal for today.
Summary of Key Events:
Stuart, Skeeters old date, came to her house to apologize for the way he acted the last time they went out and they soon start dating which puts Skeeters mother at ease and Hilly stops bugging her.
Aibileen and Minny meet at Aibileen’s house with Skeeter so she can collect information and interview them for her book about The Help.
Minny meets Miss Celia’s husband
Hilly is trying to reach out to more ladies about the bathroom for the Help.
Significant Quotes/Passages: (you must have at least four)
1. “Jesus, I’ve never met a woman with such long arms,” he says.
“Well, I’ve never met anybody with such a drinking problem.”
“Your coat smells like-” He leans down and sniffs it, grimacing. “Fertilizer.” (Stockett 139). –This passage is significant because it creates the basis of Skeeter and Stuart’s relationship and it foreshadows why he comes in later in the story.
2. “Look,” he says, “don’t say anything about meeting me. I’m going to let her tell me when she’s ready.” (Stockett 163). –Minny meets Mister Johnny for the first time unexpectedly when she is cleaning Miss Celia’s house alone. Mister Johnny turns out to be nice to Minny and this is significant because he builds a friendship with Minny.
3. “Law have mercy. I reckon I’m on do it.”
“Aibileen.” My heart is pounding. “You have no idea how much I appreciate-” (Stockett 142). –This passage is significant because it is the first hint of hope for Skeeters book about The Help. Aibileen finally agrees to…