Independent Contractors – Team Work and Performance Management Essay

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Independent Contractors – Team work and Performance Management
Many organizations are open to various ways of acquiring resources for their projects; using existing employees, hiring new employees, hiring contract resources or perhaps outsource part or the entire project. Right resources are not always available to the PM within the organization and will often look to hire from outside. Moore (2007, p.6) informed that globalization, advances in communication and technology, and many baby boomers entering retirement age are some of the reasons why organizations do prefer to use independent contract resources especially for specific projects or certain organizational challenges. A PM acquires team members for a project; builds and develops
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Other team members would not provide necessary support to them, saying “this is what they are paid”.
Impacts suggested above will result in poor team work and performance. When team building, PM should be careful not to apply the “Apollo Syndrome”. According to Guest (2011), research has shown that individual over-performers in a team perform poorly compared to a team filled with talented individuals that are willing to work together. Hence, performance management will be essential to instil motivation and shared goals among team members than individual performance. Independent contractors should see themselves as part of the team and that sharing information and putting efforts together with other team members does not diminish the importance of their skills to the project. Williams (2006) suggested team performance can be managed by providing a basis for learning, coaching and development for the team, but this may prove very difficult for independent contractors that are needed for short duration and pushed to deliver right away on the project. Klein et al (2009, p.183) citing a research by Applebaum & Batt (1994), concluded that organizational performance in terms of efficiency and quality is improved with a team-based work but such a team must be supported, nurtured and developed.
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