Independent Reading Character Party

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Independent Reading Character Party

In order to celebrate and evaluate the end of your Independent Reading, we will have a Character Party! For one day, you will dress as and imitate the protagonist or antagonist in your novel, telling all of us about your novel by acting as your character and bringing the following items to represent the novel:
4 elements of your outfit or costume that describe or define your character
5 props ( objects used during the performance of a play or film) that symbolize major events in the plot of the story
A food or beverage that represents the setting of the novel (time and place)—enough to share with a small group of the class :-D
A small set of “party favors” to give out at the end of the period that represents your theme (Ideas: small toy objects, magnets with a quotation, theme-related candy, etc.). Be able to write and explain a THEME of the novel!
TYPE the information on the final copy of the form. You may upload this form from the teacherpage.

On the day of your presentation, you must bring the attached sheet completed with a list of all ELEVEN (or more) of these items, along with an explanation of how each represents the relevant aspects of the story and a quotation that demonstrates the item’s relevance.
I repeat, you must include a relevant QUOTATION from your novel for EACH EXPLANATION on the requirement sheet that you will turn in.
Please be sure to fill in the information about your book at the top.

If you do not have the attached sheet COMPLETED and WITH you on the day the project is due, you will receive a ZERO.

Each item that you bring to represent an aspect of your novel will be worth 9 points. You will receive credit for the item according to the following standards: Bringing the item 1 point Explanation 4 points: includes an explanation of how the item directly explains an aspect of the novel (2 points) and why that aspect is important to the overall development of the novel (2 points) Quotation 4 points: includes a relevant quotation (3 points) and a page number (1 point)

Overall project is worth 99 points which will be rounded up to 100%.
TYPE the information on the final copy of the form. You may upload this form from the teacherpage.

DUE DATE: March,20
Requirements Checklist/Rubric---Independent Reading Character Party
TYPE the information on the final copy of the form. You may upload this form from the teacherpage.
Name;Kaydie vernon Period:4th

Book Title :Coming of the age in mississippi
Author :Anne Moody # of Pages:424

How much of this book did you actually read? (Please circle) none ¼ ½ ¾ all

(See rubric on assignment sheet for grading explanations.)
Costume Components (minimum of 4) Grade
1.A shirt that says “I supports equall rights” ____ / 1 Quotation: “We would like to be served here” ____ / 4

Explanation: Anne moody was a African American who tried to makes rights equall ____ / 4

2. ______old boots_______________________ ____ / 1 Quotation: ____ / 4

Explanation: ____ / 4

3. _____________________________ ____ / 1 Quotation: ____ / 4

Explanation: ____ / 4

4. _____________________________ ____ / 1 Quotation: ____ / 4

Explanation: ____ / 4

Total ____ / 36

Food or Beverage—Setting

1. ___cupcakes__________________________ ____ / 1 Quotation: We lived in the soth my whole life ____ / 4

Explanation: Im going to bring in cupcakes because its from the south ____ / 4 Total ____ / 9

Props—Plot Components (minimum of 5)

1. A baby ____ / 1 Quotation:”They cant keep me from seeing my baby, they must be crazy, if i cant go see him there I’ll bring him