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Independent Writing Q1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Computerized devices are an essential part of modern life. I totally agree with the idea that computerized devices are an essential part of modern life. To support my idea, there are two aspects which are business situation and casual situation. First of all, I believe that computerized devices make it our business more efficient.
For example, recently TV meeting is getting common all over the world. Even if you are in
Japan, you can have a online meeting and talk to people who are working in the other countries. It could bring us save our travelling cost and get fresh information. In addition, smartphone and tablet are also essential tools for business person. It allows us to do my work anytime and anywhere.
Second, as for casual situation, there are several things that your private life will be better. When you were abroad, it was not easy to contact your family and friends about twenty years ago. However, now it is easier and cheaper because of the Internet. You do not have to worry about the cost anymore. In addition, you can watch some TV programs and read some magazines from the other countries. It was really helpful. In my case, I like reading Japanese comics, but when I lived in Spain about twenty years ago, I could not read
Japanese comics at all. At that point, the Internet was not so popular. However, now if you connect to the Internet or download kindle which is an electronic book from amazon, you can read a lot of books all over the world.
From these two aspects, even if some people think that there are some problems in terms of destroying conventional culture, I believe that these advantages overweigh the disadvantages. I think that our society will keep changing drastically because of the computerized devices.

I totally agree with the idea that most important things are learned at school. There are three reasons for this; professors, students and facilities.
First of all, when you take a class at school, you will be taught by professor who knows specific area very well. I think that it is the most efficient way for learning. In addition, you can ask some questions soon, when you do not understand content.