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Too Much Celebrity News, Too Little Good News

After reading, “Why the Media Will Always Cover Celebrities” I have come to realize how big of an issue this really is. I thought it was really interesting how many people have such strong opinions on what is put on the news and what isn’t. I’ve always thought that the news showed too much of the bad and not enough of the good but I never really thought about how much they focused on celebrities and not on real news. After reading this article I realized people really do focus more on celebrities rather than what’s important. I asked a few friends around me while I was writing this if they knew anything about what Obama was trying to do in office with right and no one knew. After I asked that I went on to ask if they knew about Khole’ Kardashian and Lamar Odom and everyone knew they were separated. I think the media talks more about celebrities because they know people will tune in. I don’t think it’s necessarily the media’s fault though. They just report what people want to hear because they want to keep their ratings up. The celebrity news focuses on the attention of teens and young adults because they don’t have any interest in keeping up with news. There where the underlying issue starts because we aren’t teaching out kids to focus on real news, were teaching them to be obsessed with celebrities. I believe there needs to be a line drawn between real news and reality news which there is a solution…