India and Usa Comparison Essay

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COMP EXAMPLE India and the US are two of the largest countries in the world when measuring population or land area. These countries have both been ruled by Britain during their history and found ways to gain freedom. The US and India are similar politically but different religiously. India and the US are different religiously. The US is predominantly Christian while India is predominantly Hindu. The US is predominantly Christian, and specifically Protestant, because of who we came from. We came from England, who had already broken from the Catholic Church (following Henry 8th) but who were still devout Christians. This Protestant spirit was brought from England to the new world by early settlers and therefore gained early influence in America that continues still today. India is Hindu because of the religion’s rich history in this part of the world. Arguably the oldest surviving religion, Hinduism was born in India out of earlier Vedic traditions. Because this is the homeland of this ancient religion, it is no wonder it still has a presence in India today. India’s culture and social classes have been linked to this religion and its caste system. This is a fundamental part of Indian society that has not been removed for millennia. India and the US are similar politically. Both of these world powers are democracies. The US, again coming from England, has a long tradition of democratic representation. This encouraged early settlers to eventually push for representation at home in England and