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Lesson Plan 2
A Catholic could be defined as a person that believes in one God. Catholicism is a worldwide religious tradition with over a billion members. With this ever growing religion, it will only gets larger in number. To be a Catholic means to have complete faith in God and his divine grace. Having God's divine grace means to obey it and keep it holy as it was created by God and given to his people. The religion itself is based on this and the people take it very seriously. Catholics believe that all people are of good nature but when one commits a sin it not only hurts that one person but the people and the Church.
Catholics believe that Jesus is God's Son which goes together with the belief in the Holy Trinity. God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit are what makes up the Holy Trinity. The Catholics basic beliefs are The Bible, which they believe was created by God and The Ten Commandments which are what the Catholics live by for moral and ethnic reasoning. Catholics consider the Pope to be the leader of their organization. Catholicism traces its history to Jesus of Nazareth, who is a preacher in the Jerusalem area. Nearly 120 believers gathered in Jerusalem. From there, Catholicism spread to Judea, Samaria and then to the uttermost parts of the Earth.
The Roman Catholic Church developed from many leaders in the 1st Century, then to a Bishop having authority over several churches in the 2nd Century. Then came a hierarchical structure in the 3rd and 4th century. During these centuries, the Bishop was developing various traditions to get men to follow them. Then there was a bit of an argument: who is the chief bishop? You had the bishop of Antioch, bishop of Jerusalem, the bishop of this, the bishop of that, the bishop of Rome. It wasn’t until the 800s or 900s before the Bishop of Rome finally

Lesson Plan 3 managed to gain the respect that everyone had to follow him. In 1054, that created a split between Rome in the West and Eastern Orthodoxy in the East.
The Eastern Orthodox Church, a branch of Christianity also known as Eastern Orthodoxy, Orthodox Christianity, or the Orthodox Church, identifies its roots in the early Church. Behind all the nice paintings and splendid architecture, Eastern Orthodox Church has played a major role in the Christian tradition all throughout history. The word 'Orthodox' came from the Greek words orthos ('right') and doxa ('belief'). Hence the word Orthodox means correct belief or right thinking. The long evolution and development of Orthodox Christianity begins with the first Pentecost in Jerusalem and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Christ's small circle of disciples. It was then that the Orthodox Church was born, which is today the second largest organized body of Christians in the world. The Eastern Orthodox Church has an estimated 300 million members. Many members who are from Eastern, Southeastern and Middle East. It is called the Eastern Church to distinguish it from the West. It is described as “The One, Holy Catholic and Apostle Church”. It is described as “The One” because there can only be one true Church with one head Who is Christ. We describe it “Holy” because the church seeks to change its members through the Sacraments. "Catholic" because the Church is universal and has members in all parts of the world. Orthodox Catholic Christianity remained essentially undivided. Its five major administrative centers were located in Rome, Constantinople which is the present-day Istanbul, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem.
Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Christianity does not have a single universal leader. It is led by bishops, several of whom called “patriarchs” The