India Rape Essay

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Ellaina Johnson
Comparative Politics
Dr. Eager
India Rape Last year in mid-December in New Delhi, a 23 year old student was brutally raped by six men and died. The student and her friend who witness the rape were attacked on a bus by six men. Her injuries were so critical that she died thirteen days later in a hospital. The men that raped her used an iron rod that cause internal bleeding. Five out of the six men that raped the girl is standing on trial now with being accused of murder, sexual assault and other crimes that leads to the death penalty. Because of the extreme brutalities of that rape victim, laws were demanded to be made to help protect women and tourist from being harassed on the streets by men. Female tourist would often complain about being harassed and physically assaulted in public and on public transportation. The same day that the government had made a draft of the new law on sexually assaulting women and the penalty; that’s including those cases of extreme rape which could result in the death penalty, which was approved by the cabinet, Swiss tourists was attacked. The couple had cycled through Iran and arrived in India in February and wanted to cycle from Mumbai to Delhi. The woman and her husband had been attacked in a woodland area where they were camping out near a village in Datia. Not only were they both physically assaulted but they were robbed of their laptop, cellphones, and money. After stealing the couple’s belongings they fled into the woods. Luckily, the police had found one of the suspects with both the laptop and cellphone. After they were attacked they found help in the nearby village even though no one spoke English a female doctor was brought to finalize that she had been raped. The Swiss Embassy stated that the couple will remain in India for the time being and that further investigation will be done so that justice can be brought to the unjust. Sexual assault on foreign are rarely seen but the case with the Swiss has caused an uproar. The six men that were accused of the rape on Friday are