The Change Of The Team Name

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Vaughn Hobart
November 6th, 2014
2nd hour
Babb – English III

The Change of the Redskins Name
Sports throughout the United States and other countries have contained many significant and great visual experiences throughout their team mascots. However, for some, the team logo and mascot depict a much greater meaning and there’s more to meet the eye than just some Indian on a helmet. Too many Native Americans there is a true sense of racial controversy through the meaning of the team names. Throughout many previous years of the United States history, there has been many racial controversies with the Native Americans. This has led to where the Nation stands today. The Nation as a whole does not truly understand the racism that has been laid on throughout the generations. Through this sense the nation shall be able to understand and compensate for what they have done in the past. To induce this statement the Nation shall ban all Native American racial team names because the act of social communication, the standpoint of economic appearance, and the spread of racism throughout the Nation.
Through the United States, there has been a great deal of racism dating back over a century ago. Starting from the Trail of Tears and the forcing of Western expansion in what is now the 21st century. This racism has caused a great deal of perception to the Native Americans. The Indians may notice this sense of racism, but many others throughout the Nation do not. The term “Redskin” too many Americans are a football team, but to Native Americans this is a bash on their physical appearance. However, the owner Dan Snyder is intrigued by this to even be a problem. Dan Snyder believes this shows team honor through the song “Hail to the Redskins” that the fans sing at every football game. This is where Human Rights shall set a factor. Through Human Rights there should be a prohibited path of discrimination and racism. This should set a level of all racism from not occurring.
From the dark ages where the United States has grown into today there has been an increase in social communication. Social communication hasn’t only increased, but it has also demoralized many through the racial slurs of teams’ names. This act of social media may in fact cause students to reenact racial hatred towards others. By this many of the Native Americans will be tyrannized through this social spread. Another bad stage through social communication is the triggering of a bad relationship. The misinterpretation and undeveloped understanding, which these team owners have, will impact many Native Americans wrongly. Also the inappropriate context of the word “Redskins” will affect the Native Americans. The word is in fact misleading and not correctly defined as an Indian. The name of the team will then cause hatred among the Native Americans.
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