Indian Ocean Development Case Study

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1.0 Executive Summary
This report provided analysis of the discussion and identification of the case study and using diagnostic tools to identify the primary and secondary problem to solve the issue and recommendations in supporting by relevant theories. The report comprised of four sections. The first section was about summarizes of the case study, the second section provided problems and analyzed based on case study. This was followed by the suggested diagnostic tools and recommendations to resolve the problems as the third and fourth section.
2.0 Overview of Case Study
Indian Ocean Developments (IOD) was known as a greatly conventional company with a reputation for its stability. Among the investors in the business industry, the
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The function of a board consists of strategic guidance, policy development, financial function and so on. In short, the duties is to build the overall direction, policy and goal for company; protect shareholders’ capital and ensure the maintenance of the company and so on. The board as a decisive group in Indian Ocean Developments (IOD) always look for the investments that aligned with IOD’s high reputation and good corporate image. Unfortunately, the board failed to find the problems during the investment of aged care this time, the member of the board neglect to inspect the risk of project. After recognized the company was in danger, board called Ced to account. To sum up, the board was dereliction of duty not functioning before choose investment project, they just obey the plan made by Ced.
4.3 Individual level
This level focus on individual effectiveness, Ced’s characteristics made a great impact on the whole investment. Ced was given full autonomy during the whole project, so his individual effectiveness was crucial and his personal skill and value could influence the final result. When setting up the company, Ced as a young financial officer showed his forceful personality, lack of communication with others and overconfidence. He used his contagious speech persuaded all the members in the board, then quickly make the plan into practice without paying close attention to details and failed to choose the right